GHP3017E Engineering Truck-mounted Robot Shotcrete Machine

GHP3017E is a newly-developed tunnel shotcrete construction equipment that integrates electromechanical and hydraulic systems; it combines the advantages of well-known domestic and foreign brand products in design and manufacturing. The vehicle adopts a modular design to meet the construction needs of different projects.

  • Theoretical spraying displacement: 30m3/h

  • Maximum aggregate size:15mm

  • Maximum spraying height: Depth 7.4m~Height 15.8m

  • Maximum spraying width:±13.5m


Modular design

According to the different construction needs of customers, there are many optional configurations to meet the needs of different working conditions.

Electronic control system

Adopting a special controller for construction machinery, which is more resistant to dust and water; the failure rate is extremely low, and it can adapt to harsh environments.

Concrete pump

Adopting large-bore, long-stroke pumping system which has strong suction capacity, and can pump 30 cubic meters of concrete per hour, while reducing wear and extending service life.

Power cable

The standard is equipped with tensile and wear-resistant 3×50² cable, which has strong resistance to voltage fluctuation and prolongs service life.

Travelling system

It adopts original Dana steering drive axle, hydrostatic transmission, adjustable high and low speed, automatic driving experience, and more convenient handling.

Concrete pump pipe

The conveying pipe adopts large-diameter pipes, which reduces the wear of the concrete on the pipe, prolongs the service life of the pipe, and has strong anti-blocking ability.

Accelerator system

Using signal pulse feedback, using the original Italian imported proportional flow valve to accurately control the flow in real time.

Emergency system

When the power grid is cut off, the emergency system can be started, and the chassis engine is used as the power to perform all functions of emergency operation.
Machine  data Dimension L7890*W2680*H3200mm
Total weight 17000kg
Pumping system Theoretical spraying displacement 30m³/h
Cylinder bore Φ180mm
Cylinder stroke 1000mm
Delivery pipe diameter Φ125~φ90
Maximum aggregate diameter Φ15
Hopper volume 0.3m³
Applicable mixture water-cement ratio 0.45-0.6
Outlet pressure of concrete 80bar
Walking system Steering drive axle Dana
Gearbox Dana
Wheelbase 4450mm
Engine power 103kw
Maximum traveling speed 20km/h
Maximum climbing degree 36%
Minimum ground clearance 380mm
Barking distance 5m(20km/h)
Mechanical arm Robotic arm model GL12-7
Maximum telescopic length 4400mm
Pitch angle -110°~70°
Maximum spraying height 7.4m depth~15.8m height
Maximum spraying width ±13.5m
Swing angle of arm 270°
Rotation angle around the nozzle ±180°
Left-right rotation angle of nozzle ±120°
Swing angle of nozzle
Accelerator system Accelerator pump model SN-12
Driving way Hydraulic
Accelerator displacement 0~1000L
Maximum outlet pressure 20bar
Hydraulic system Main motor power 55KW
Fuel tank capacity 450L
Hydraulic oil accuracy grade 10μm
Main pump displacement 145ml/r
Washing system Pump model 3WZ-1814HM
Water tank volume 200L