GHP2516C-II Truck-mounted Robot Shotcrete Machine

The GHP2516C-Ⅱ vehicle-mounted wet concrete spraying trolley is a highly cost-effective construction tool launched by our company based on market changes. Its main performance parameters have exceeded the level of similar international products.

  • Theoretical spraying displacement:25m³ /h

  • Cylinder bore:φ160mm

  • Cylinder stroke :1000mm

  • Delivery pipe diameter :φ125-φ90mm


Innovative technology, strong mobility

With innovative technology, excellent structure and strong mobility to consider multiple facets

Mature Foton chassis, high reliability

Using mature Foton chassis with high reliability

Environmental friendly, safe and reliable

In accordance with National emission standard, traveling with licence

Wireless remote control nozzle air volume

Remote control display can observe real-time datas of pumpage and accelerator flow, convenient and reliable.

Accelerator matches system automatically

Accelerator matches system automatically, resilient ratio≤15%

Mechanical engineering dedicated controller, mature and reliable

Using mechanical engineering dedicated controller to meet various operating environments and functional requirements, performing more stably.

Unique protection tube link patented technology

Link design to protect the tube, lighter weight and larger bending radius

Externally concrete delivery pipe

Designed with external concrete delivery pipe for easier cleaning and examine

Mechanical arm operation with non-blind area and high working efficiency

Mechanical arm operation has no blind area, operating conveniently, working safely and efficiently

Ultra-long wireless remote control

Imported ultra-long wireless remote control from Italy

Self-equipped GPS remote failure diagnosis system

Remote monitoring real-time operation status, conveniently and quickly

Machine with stable and reliable performance

GHP2516C-II with stable, reliable performance and strong impact resistance.
Machine  data Dimension L9220 W2500 H3450mm
Total weight 15200kg
Pumping system Theoretical spraying displacement 25m³/h
Cylinder bore Φ160mm
Pumping stroke 1000mm
Delivery pipe diameter Φ125-φ90mm
Maximum aggregate diameter Φ16
Hopper volume 0.3m³
Outlet pressure of concrete 75bar
Water-cement ratio 0.45~0.6
Chassis system Chassis model Foton
Engine power 170hp
Gear box Fast
Wheelbase 4800mm
Maximum traveling speed 90km/h
Maximum climbing degree 30%
Minimum ground clearance 255mm
Barking distance 12.5m(50km/h)
Mechanical arm Maximum spraying height Depth 7.3m~Height 16.4m
Maximum spraying width ±13.5m
Swing angle of arm 270°
Rotation angle around the nozzle ±180°
Left-right rotation angle of nozzle ±120°
Swing angle of nozzle
Accelerator system Accelerator pump model SN-12
Driving way Hydraulic
Accelerator displacement 0~1000L
Maximum outlet pressure 20bar
Accelerator volume 1000L
Hydraulic system Main motor power 55KW
Fuel tank capacity 350L
Accuracy grade of hydraulic oil NAS1638-9
Main pump displacement 145ml/r
Washing system Pump model 3WZ-1814HM
Water tank volume 350L
Driving way Hydraulic drive