GEHP3515 Electric Driven Truck-Mounted Robot Shotcrete Machine

GEHP3515 is a green and environmentally friendly new energy pure electric wet shotcrete machine, the spraying capacity is no less than 35m³/h,stable performance, multiple functions, staples shift, easy to operate. The walking system is with new-energy drive system, charge the lithium battery during the working time,one charging can meet the endurance of 10 to 15 days of tunnel construction.

  • Maximum theoretical spraying capacity: 35m³/h

  • Lithium battery capacity: 90kW

  • Maximum battery life: 15km

  • Max.aggregate size: ф15mm


Robot arm

After tens of thousands of fatigue strength tests, longer service life, stable and reliable performance, wide operation ranges, hydraulic controlled, sensitive operation, more convenient maintenance.

Driving axle

Adopting enhanced wet brake steering drive axle, four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, strong adaptability, can be driven on complex roads, stable and reliable performance.

Chassis system

97kw engine and with hydraulic transmission, electronically controlled power shift without stopping, the first three gears after the gear, more convenient to control, stable performance.

Electronic control system

Adopting a special controller for construction machinery, which is more resistant to dust and water; the failure rate is extremely low, and it can adapt to harsh environments. The panel is designed with a lower limit to prevent misoperation.
ItemBasic   performanceunitparameter
Machine dataVehicle size (L × W ×   H)mm7820 × 2645 × 3230
Total Weightkg16000
Lithium battery capacitykWh90
Maximum battery lifekm15
Pumping   systemMaximum theoretical   spraying capacitym3/h35
Drive cylinder boremmф100
Concrete cylinder boremmф180
Concrete cylinder strokemm1000
Conveying pipemmф125~ф90
Max.aggregate sizemmф15
Max.pumping pressurebar83
Hopper volumem30.3
ChassisTraveling way
Wheel   type
Four -wheel steering
Driving way
Four-wheel   driving
Minimum turning radiusm5.8
Shift method
Automatic   transmission non -levelless speed adjustment
Wheelbase×Wheel treadmm3900 × 1920
Traveling speedkm/h0 ~ 15
Max.climbing degree
Min.ground clearancemm346
Robotic   armMax.spraying heightmDepth 7.4 ~ Height   15.8
Max.spraying widthm± 13.5
Swing angle of arm(°)270
Rotation angle-nozzle(°)± 180
Left-right rotation angle-nozzle(°)± 120
Nutation angle(°)8 (continuous)
Nozzle swing angle(°)8 (continuous)
Min.working section-tunnelm4
Additive pumpPump model
Driving way
Inverter motor drive
Flow rateL/h1000
Max.outlet pressurebar12
Additive tank volumeL1500
Hydraulic   systemMain motor powerkW55
Hydraulic oil tank volumeL390
Degree of hydraulic oil pollution
Main oil pump displacementml/r145
Cleaning   systemPump model
Water tank volumeL200
Driving way
Hydraulic drive
Electrical   SystemCable specification
3 × 50 5
Cable lengthm80
Working conditionm<4500(Altitude)