GHP25C-IV Truck-mounted Robot Shotcrete Machine

GHP25C-IV is our upgraded model based on the development of first three generations, and highly improved in performance and maneuverability. It has multi-joint DOF controlled manipulator with wide coverage and non-blind area to satisfy various construction requirements of cross-section tunnel and improve construction efficiency.

  • Maximum spraying height:16m

  • Maximum spraying width:2X13m

  • Maximum spraying displacement:25m³/h

  • Cylinder bore:160mm



Dual-channel boom control system makes oil cylinder start flexibly, improve the sensitivity of three nozzles and truly realize “spray anywhere you point out”.

Visual electronic control system

The electronic control system extracts main parameters in running state, monitoring real-time operation status.

New dynamics emulational mechanical arm

The sectional software of mechanical arm is optimized designed, with the help of simulation optimization to attain a unity of strength and rigidity.

Pumping hydraulic system

Original pump is replaced by Danfoss pump to improve the reliability of the pumping system. Comprehensively upgrade the exit pressure level in the meantime to improve anti-blocking capacity and adaptability to the materials.

New optimization of concrete pumping pipe

Based on a lot of primary experimental comparisons, we optimized the design of concrete pumping pipe; Adopting wear-resistant materials to casting bend pipe and reducer pipe and unequal thickness design method, which greatly prolong the service life.
Machine  data Dimension L9300*W2500*H3650mm
Total weight 15600kg
Pumping system Maximum spraying height Depth 6.6m~Height16.6m
Maximum spraying width±14m
Theoretical spraying displacement 25m³/h
Cylinder bore Φ160mm
Pumping stroke 1000mm
Delivery pipe diameter Φ125-φ90
Maximum aggregate diameter Φ16
Hopper volume 0.3m³
Outlet pressure of concrete 75bar
Water-cement ratio 0.45~0.6
Chassis system Chassis model FOTON
Engine power 170hp
Gear box Fast
Wheelbase 5250mm
Maximum traveling speed 90km/h
Maximum climbing degree 30%
Minimum ground clearance 255mm
Barking distance 12.5m(50km/h)
Mechanical arm Maximum telescopic length 4600mm
Pitch angle ±13.5m
Swing angle of arm 270°
Rotation angle around the nozzle ±180°
Left-right rotation angle of nozzle ±120°
Swing angle of nozzle 8°KK
Maximum spraying height  Depth 16m, Height16.6m
Maximum spraying width ±14m
Accelerator system Accelerator pump model ED-12
Driving way Hydraulic drive
Accelerator displacement 0~1000L
Maximum pressure of accelerator 20bar
Hydraulic system Main motor power 55KW
Fuel tank capacity 450L
Accuracy grade of hydraulic oil NAS1638-9
Main pump displacement 145ml/r
Washing system Pump model 3WZ-1814HM
Water tank volume 200L