GHP30G-IV Truck-mounted Robot Shotcrete Machine

GHP30G-IV concrete wet shotcrete is a large concrete wet spraying equipment which is integrated with electro-hydraulic system. GHP30G-IV's mechanical arm, pump delivery system, hydraulic system, electrical system and other key components adopt international well-known brand products.

  • Theoretical spraying displacement::30m³ /h

  • Cylinder bore:φ180mm

  • Cylinder stroke:1000mm

  • Delivery pipe diameter:φ125-φ90mm


Front telescopic outriggers ensure better machine stability

Front telescopic outriggers ensure better machine stability, safer and easier construction

Reliable and efficient imported axle

Imported axle and hydraulic driving system can achieve four-wheel steering and crab walking, efficient and stable.

103kw WP third phase engine

103kw WP third phase engine meets large grade and high attitude construction requirements.

Comfortable driving

Sealed cab and humanization design make operator feel more comfortable

Intelligent electrical system

Electrical system with intelligent and redundant design to avoid wrong operation, safe and reliable

Engineering chassis with better performance

Engineering chassis features compact structure, low height, good passability, easy transportation and convenient maintenance.

Optional imported accessories to reduce the probabilities of anti-blocking

Optional 75kw imported motor and optimized pumping hydraulic system and piping system to reduce the probabilities of anti-plugging.

Two optional 1000L accelerator tanks improve the efficiency

Two optional 1000L accelerator tanks reduce auxiliary time and improve construction efficiency.

Optional accessories

Folding boom and telescopic boom are optional for different construction requirements


Equipped with accelerator suction pump to achieve automatic addition of accelerator

Optional accessories to make construction easier

Optional scribe and screw air compressors for easier construction.
Machine  data Dimension L8050*W2400*H3170mm
Total weight 16500kg
Pumping system Theoretical spraying displacement 30m³/h
Cylinder bore Φ180mm
Cylinder stroke 1000mm
Delivery pipe diameter Φ125~Φ90mm
Maximum aggregate diameter Φ15mm
Cement ratio 0.45~0.6
Concrete slump 120mm~180mm
Hopper volume 0.3m³
Outlet pressure of concrete 83bar
Traveling system Walking mode Wheeled walking
Steering mode Four-wheel steering
Driving mode Four-wheel drive
Minimum turning radius 6.3m
Engine power 103kw
Wheelbase×wheel tread 4450×2030mm
Maximum traveling speed 20km/h
Maximum climbing degree 36%
Minimum ground clearance 380mm
Barking distance 5m(20km/h)
Mechanical arm Maximum spraying height Depth 9m~Height 17.5m
Maximum spraying width ±15.5m
Swing angle of small arm +60°~ -180°
Swing angle of arm 270°
Rotation angle around the nozzle ±180°
Left-right rotation angle of nozzle ±120°
Swing angle of nozzle
Accelerator system Accelerator pump model ED12
Driving way Hydraulic drive
Accelerator displacement 0~1000L/h
Maximum outlet pressure 20bar
Accelerator volume 2×1000L
Hydraulic system Main motor power 55KW
Fuel tank capacity 450L
Pollution degree of  hydraulic oil NAS1638-9
Main pump displacement 145ml/r
Washing system Pump model 3WZ-1814HM
Water tank volume 120L
Driving way Hydraulic drive