UPS-20JT Truck-mounted Robot Shotcrete Machine

  • Theoretical spraying displacement:20m³/h

  • Outlet pressure of concrete:60bar

  • Conveying pipe: Φ125-Φ80mm

  • Maximum aggregate size: 15mm


Electric control system

Adopting special controller; better dust resistance and water resistance; low failure rate, can adapt to harsh environment. Control panel adopts a sunken design to prevent wrong operation.

Concrete pump

Large bore & long stroke concrete cylinder; Strong suction ability, maximum pumping flow reaches up to 20m³/h

Concrete pump pipe

Large conveying pipe, reduce the wear of concrete on the pipeline; Prolong the service life, and with strong anti-blocking ability.


Reinforced wet brake drive axle, Four-wheel drive, Articulated steering, Strong rod adaptability.

Additive pump

Signal pulse feedback, originally imported, proportional flow valve to accurately control the flow in real time.


When the power grid is cut off, the emergency system can be activated, the chassis engine is used as power for emergency operation of all functions.
ItemBasic PerformanceData
Machine dataDimension7000*2140*2450mm
Total weight11000kg
Pumping systemTheoretical spraying displacement20m³/h
Concrete cylinder boreΦ140mm
Concrete cylinder stroke1000mm
Conveying pipeΦ125-Φ80mm
Maximum aggregate size15mm
Hopper volume0.3m³
Outlet pressure of concrete60bar
Water-cement ratio0.45~0.6
Filling height1350mm
ChassisTraveling wayWheel type
Driving axleHydraulic wet brake axle
Driving/SteeringFour-wheel driving/Articulated steering
Articulated angle±47.5°
Min.turning radiusInner 3215mm/ Outer 5845mm
Engine power81kw/2200RPM
Wheelbase×Wheel tread3920mm×1540mm
Max.traveling speed18km
Max.climbing degree16°
Min.ground clearance280mm
Braking distance≤3.5m
Robot armMax.spraying height-vertical8.8m
Max.spraying distance-horizontal7.4m
Max.spraying width14.8m
Swing angle of arm270°
Rotation angle-nozzle±180°
Left-right rotation angle-nozzle±120°
Nutation angle8°(continuous)
Pitching angle-30°/+60°
Additive pumpPump modelJXHIN-20
Pump typePeristaltic pump
Driving wayHydraulic
Flow rate0~400L/h
Max.outlet pressure12bar
Hydraulic systemMain motor power37kw
Rated speed1475r/min
Rated voltage380V/optional
Oil tank volume270L
Degree of hydraulic oil pollutionNAS1638-9
Oil pump displacement95/33/23/23
Air compressorMotor power45kw
Air volume9.2m³/min
Air pressure6bar