GHP3515H Engineering Truck-mounted Robot Shotcrete Machine

GHP3515H Concrete Spraying Machine is a new cost-effective and high-stability tunnel spraying and anchoring construction equipment newly launched by our company. It has absorbed many years of wet spraying machinery design experience in design and manufacturing, combined with famous brand products at home and abroad. The advantages of the production of a cost-effective spraying equipment, the main performance parameters have exceeded the level of similar products in the world.

  • Dimensions(L×W×H): 7770×2645×3230mm

  • Total weight: 15500kg

  • Shotcrete Capacity: 35m³ /h

  • Conveying Pipe Diameter: Φ125~Φ90mm


Remote Control

Customized remote control is adopted, which is durable, strong anti-interference ability, and 100 meters long-distance wireless remote control.

Dosing Pump

Accurate control by frequency conversion motor, Real-time monitoring of traffic.

Power Cable

Tensile and wear-resistant cables are standard configurations, which have a strong ability to resist voltage fluctuations and prolong service life.

Concrete Pump

It adopts large bore and long-stroke pumping system, which has strong suction capacity. In theory, it can pump 35 cubic meters of concrete per hour, while reducing wear and prolonging service life.
Machine DataSize(L×W×H)mm7770×2645×3230
Pumping SystemShotcrete Capacitym³/h35
Oil Cylinder BoremmΦ100
Piston Cylinder BoremmΦ180
Piston Cylinder Strokemm1000
Conveying Pipe DiametermmΦ125~Φ90
Max. Aggregate SizemmΦ15
Concrete Outlet Pressurebar83
Hopper Volume0.3
Traveling SystemTraveling Method/Wheel
Driving Axle/Wet Brake Axle
Steering/Four   Wheel Drive
Min. Turning Radiusm10
Engine Powerkw97
Walking SpeedⅠ/Ⅱ/Ⅲ/Ⅳkm/h5/10/17.5/20
Max. Climbing
Min. Ground Clearancemm300
Braking Distancem5(20km/h)
BoomMax. Spraying HeightmDepth7.4~High15.8
Max. Spraying Widthm±13.5
Swing Angle of Boom(°)270
Rotary Angle around nozzle(°)±180
Left-right turn angle of nozzle(°)±120
Swing Angle of Nozzle(°)8(continuous)
Swing Angle of Nozzle(°)8(continuous)
Min. Tunnel Sizem4
Dosing   SystemDoding Pump/YD25R
Driving Method/Frequency Motor Drive
Dosing FlowL/h1000
Max. outlet pressurebar12
Accelerator TankL1000
Electric SystemCable Specification/3×35²
Cable Lengthm80
Hydraulic SystemMotor Powerkw55
Oil Tank VolumeL370
Hydraulic oil pollution degree/NAS1638-9
Oil Pump Flowml/r145
Washing SystemWater Pump Model/3WZ-1814HM
Water Tank VolumeL500
Drive Method/Hydraulic