GYP-90E Hydraulic wet shotcrete machine

GYP-90E hydraulic wet shotcrete machine is a concrete pumping equipment with integrated air compression system. It uses the thrust generated by the hydraulic pump to make two oil cylinders reciprocate alternately, and send the dense flow material to the mixed flow of the sprinkler through the pipe. A thin stream is formed at the nozzle by compressed air, and a certain proportion of accelerator is added to the nozzle and sprayed directly onto the spray surface; it is widely used in construction of houses, highways, railways, tunnels, hydropower stations and other projects.

  • Production capacity: 3-9m³/h

  • System pressure: 22MPa

  • Working air pressure: 0.6~0.8MPa

  • Maximum aggregate diameter: 15mm


Stable performance

Stable performance, less wearing parts and low maintenance cost.

Integrated air compressor

Patented product, integrated air compressor, more convenient to use.

The delivery volume can be adjusted as needed

The delivery volume can be adjusted as needed.

More convenient operation

Wire control handle device, more convenient operation (optional).
Basic performance Parameters
Production capacity 3-9m³/h
System pressure 22MPa
Outlet pressure of concrete 6MPa
Motor power of Pumping 22KW
Cylinder bore×stroke 125*500mm
Hopper volume 0.15m³
Working air pressure 0.6~0.8MPa
Feeding height 910mm
Maximum aggregate diameter 15mm
Distribution valve of concrete S tube valve
Lubrication system automatic
Slump of concrete 120-180mm
Fuel tank volume 150L
Cooling method Air cooling
Air compressor displacement 6m3/min
Dust around the machine <6mg/m³
Rated exhaust pressure 0.8MPa
Maximum exhaust pressure 0.8MPa
Unit input specific power 8.1KW/m3/min
Motor speed of Air compressor 2950r/min
Resilient rate ≤10%
Dimension 3500×1650×1700mm
Machine weight 2350kg