GHP60G-Ⅱ Truck-mounted concrete pump

GHP60G-Ⅱ truck-mounted concrete Delivery pump adopts self-propelled wheeled chassis and thrust generated by hydraulic pump to delivery dense flowing material directly from delivery pipe to the casting surface ;It is a mechanical equipment integrating mechanism, electro, and hydraulic, and widely used in highway, railway, tunnel, hydroelectric power station and etc.

  • Production capacity:60m³/h

  • Engine power:76kw

  • Hopper capacity: 0.6 m³

  • Displacement of main pump:190ml/r


High pumping pressure, strong anti-plugging capacity

High pumping pressure, strong material adaptability, and strong anti-plugging capacity. Outlet pressure at 8MPa, and system pressure at 32MPa.

Equipped with a cab for easy transition

Truck-mounted structure with a cab for easy transition

Wireless remote control &wired remote control to satisfy various operational requirements

Specially equipped with a wireless remote controller and a wired remote controller, convenient for the communication and operation between conductors above the secondary liner and the lower discharge personnel.

High pumping pressure, greatly improved working efficiency

Pumping 60m³ per hour to meet construction requirements and improve working efficiency .

Wire-controlled handle device to make operation more convenient

Wire-controlled handle device to make operation more convenient

The side panel of rear bucket can be opened and closed as needed, convenient for loading and unloading.

Specially designed to make the side panel open & close easily, make it convenient to load and unload

Cab with ceiling design for easier construction

Cab with ceiling design to prevent concrete from falling on the glass.

Mature and stable chassis, strong mobility, easy movement

Self-propelled wheeled chassis with strong mobility, convenient transition and flexible movement

High automation, easy operation

Electrical appliances are centralized control by PLC with reliable performance, long life, programmed working and easy operation

Grouting with small pulsation and good continuity

Machine has stable performance, less wearing parts, small grouting pulsation, good continuity and low maintenance cost
Machine  dataDimensionL7300*W2160*H2570mm
Total weight9500kg
Pumping systemProduction capacity60m³/h
Cylinder bore230mm
Pumping stroke1400mm
Delivery pipe diameterΦ180-φ125
Outlet pressure of concrete8.0Mpa
Hopper volume0.6m³
Feeding height1600mm
Distribution valve of concreteS tube valve
Lubrication systemManual+Auto
Cooling wayAir cooling
Traveling chassisEngine power76kw
Traveling speed0-25km/h
Maximum climbing degree30%
Braking wayAir cutting brake
Hydraulic systemMain motor power75KW
Fuel tank capacity400L
Pullution degree of hydraulic oil8-9 NAS1638
Main pump displacement190ml/r