GHP24D-III Truck-mounted wet shotcrete machine

The automotive chassis is adopted, and spare parts are of high universality, which makes maintenance very convenient. It owns features such as low oil consumption, high power, reliable performance, convenient spare parts supply and maintenance.

  • Theoretical spraying displacement:24m³/h

  • Cylinder bore:160mm

  • Pumping stroke:900

  • Delivery pipe diameter:φ125~φ64mm


Using automobile chassis

Automobile chassis, universal components and easier maintenance. Machine has the characteristics of low fuel consumption, high power, reliable performance, easy accessories supply and convenient maintenance.

Stable spraying system, high construction efficiency

Stable spraying, good continuity, little pulse; the multi-nozzle is used at the same time, the construction efficiency is high.

Reliable pumping system

Pump system is less energy consumption, low failure rate, less wearing parts, low maintenance cost, high reliability of system and stable throughput.

Excellent equipment structure

Excellent equipment structure, high firmness stability and high impact strength.
Machine  data Dimension L7700*W2400*H2600mm
Total weight 8500kg
Pumping system Production capacity 24m³/h
Cylinder bore 160mm
Pumping stroke 900mm
Delivery pipe diameter Φ125mm~Φ64mm
Outlet pressure of concrete 63bar
Hopper volume 0.3m³
Maximum aggregate diameter Φ16mm
Water-cement ratio 0.45~0.6
Traveling chassis Engine power 68kw
Gearbox 10H46
Wheelbase 3800mm
Maximum traveling speed 80km/h
Maximum climbing degree 30%
Braking way Air cutting brake
Accelerator system Accelerator pump model G30-1
Driving way Hydraulic drive
Accelerator displacement 0~700L
Maximum pressure of accelerator 20bar
Hydraulic system Main motor power 45KW
Fuel tank capacity 400L
Pollution degree of  hydraulic oil 8~9 NAS1638
Main pump displacement 95ml/r