GHP20G Truck-mounted wet shotcrete machine

With dual pump and dual circuit hydraulic system to make machine more superior and more stable. The chassis with four-wheel drive engineering chassis, well-done in climbing slope and no-load start, reducing the impact of voltage and current on electrical appliances and main motors.

  • Driving way: Hydraulic drive

  • Production capacity:20m³/h

  • Fuel tank capacity:200L

  • Accelerator displacement:0-500L/h


Four-wheel drive chassis, well-done in climbing slope

Four-wheel drive chassis, higher mobility and stronger climbing ability

External accelerator barrels

External accelerator barrels to save internal space, making installation and maintenance more convenient.

Wireless control, convenient and practical

Remote wireless control, convenient and practical.

Easy to clean and maintain the filter

Easy to clean and maintain the filter, prolong its service life.

Centralized layout,reduce cover length,vehicle with good looking and perfect coordination

Machine with reasonable layout ,compact structure and bright colors,vehicle with good looking and perfect coordination.

System optimized, performance enhanced, more stable

With dual pump hydraulic system to reduce the residence time of slave cylinder piston and weaken the pulse, operating reliably with non-interfering.

Equipped with storage platform, easy to deliver goods

Equipped with storage platform, easy to deliver goods.

Voice reminder, convenient and save worry

Voice remind to add air pressure, mitigating the wind pressure and adding accelerator, bell rings when reduce the accelerator, which makes easier communication between spray-workers and operators.

Reduce steel consumption, optimize oil circuit design, save cost

Platform cover with ladder design to reduce the frame and makes appearance neater; shortening the hood to save its manufacture cost and painting cost.

Various optional configurations, offering more choices to customers

Standard configurations: dual spray nozzles are placed in the truck rear and no frame pump pipes to reduce the cost of whole vehicle Top-glass luxury fittings and reserve the space for frame pump pipes.
Machine  data Dimension L6700*W2000*H2500mm
Total weight 5750kg
Pumping system Production capacity 20m³/h
Cylinder bore 140mm
Pumping stroke 1000mm
Delivery pipe diameter Φ125mm
Outlet pressure of concrete 7.0bar
Hopper volume 0.3m³
Feeding height 1450mm
Distribution valve of concrete S tube valve
Lubrication system Auto
Concrete slump 120-180mm
Cooling way Air cooling
Dust around the machine <6Mg/m³
Resilience rate <10%
Maximum aggregate diameter Φ15mm
Water-cement ratio 0.45~0.6
Traveling chassis Engine power 46kw
Wheelbase 2900mm
Maximum traveling speed 40km/h
Maximum climbing degree 30%
Braking way Air cutting brake
Accelerator system Accelerator pump model G30-1
Driving way Hydraulic drive
Accelerator displacement 0~500L
Maximum pressure of accelerator 20bar
Hydraulic system Main motor power 45KW
Fuel tank capacity 200L
Mater cylinder pressure 17Mpa
Main pump displacement 100ml/r