P40D Concrete conveying pump

P40D concrete conveying pump is a kind of equipment that transports dense flow materials from the pipeline to the pouring body. It can be used for the transportation of plain concrete and fiber concrete in various engineering constructions; the pressure grouting of various foundation piles; widely used in the construction of housing construction, highways, railways, hydropower stations and other projects.

  • Pumping capacity :40m³/h

  • Outlet pressure:10Mpa

  • Maximum delivery distance: Horizontal 300m/Vertical100m

  • Maximum aggregate diameter: 10~35mm



The machine is equipped with imported oil pump, with stable equipment performance and sufficient power.

High construction efficiency

The maximum concrete delivery volume is 40m³/h, and the construction concrete delivery volume can be steplessly adjusted as required.

PLC centralized control

The electrical appliances adopt PLC centralized control, which is reliable in work, long in life, and easy to program and operate.

Special machine hopper

Use mold to press the hopper, not easy to accumulate material, good material absorption.
Basic performance Parameters
Pumping capacity 40m³/h
Outlet pressure  10Mpa
Diesel engine  62KW
Cylinder bore×stroke 160*1200mm
Hopper volume 0.4m³
Feeding height 1100mm
Maximum aggregate diameter 10~35mm
Distribution valve  S-valve
Maximum delivery distance Horizontal 300m/Vertical100m
Concrete outlet  φ125
Main hydraulic pump displacement 112ml
Lubrication system Auto
Slump of concrete 120-180mm
Fuel tank volume 180L
Cooling way of hydraulic oil Air cooling 
Machine weight 2350kg