GLZ-21 Self-feeding Shotcrete Machine

It uses a 4-cylinder 58.8KW diesel engine with strong power, and is equipped with three 7m³ shotcrete machines to work at the same time, with high work efficiency.

  • Production capacity :21m³/h

  • System working pressure:13Mpa

  • System flow:46.7L/min

  • Hydraulic oil tank capacity:100L


Continuous feeding, high working efficiency

Feeding hopper works together with lifting hopper to ensure continuous feeding, and spraying capacity up to 21m³/h, efficiency is greatly improved.

Dry shotcrete machine slide easily on the rail and work efficient

The dry-mix shotcrete machine can slide easily in the track, and the feeding hopper is lifted by hydraulic control, lowering the labor intensity of maintainers.

Four hydraulic outriggers

The four hydraulic outriggers make the machine more stable, firmer and safer for construction site.

The lifting hopper can automatically stop

The Oil cylinder stops working when the hopper has reached specified height, which extend service life of cylinder, reduces oil consumption and saves cost.

The feeding hopper can be opened and closed easily

The feeding hopper can be opened and closed easily, the feeding amount can be automatically adjusted according to the working capacity of the dry shotcrete machine, eliminate manual adjustment.

Accelerator adopts automatic device

The design of accelerator automatic adding device is new and reasonable, to realize continuous and uniform feeding, stepless speed regulation, reduce labor cost.

The braking mode is air brake

The braking mode is air brake, make driving and parking easier and safer.

Easy and safe feeding

A special work station is reserved for feeding accelerator, making the operation easier and safer.

Easy operation

ON/OFF switches have been provided at the two sides of the machine for easier operation.
Machine parameters Dimension L6750*W3000*H3100mm
Total weight 8400kg
Engine power 58.8KW
Main motor power 15KW
Driving way Rear wheels
Traveling speed 0-20km/h
Maximum climbing degree 30%
wheelbase 3585mm
Front wheel tread 1770mm
Rear wheel tread 1840mm
Lifting height of hopper 5640mm
Rated volume of feeding hopper 3m³
Rated volume of lifting hopper 3m³
Rated volume of accelerator 1000kg
Hydraulic system System working pressure 13Mpa
System flow 46.7L/min
Hydraulic oil tank volume 100L
Spraying machine Production capacity 3×7=21m³/h
Maximum delivery distance(horizontal) 200m
Maximum delivery distance(vertical) 20m
Maximum aggregate diameter 20mm
Working wind pressure 0.4~0.6
Maximum air consumption 3×12=36m³/min
Total motor power 3×7.5=22.5KW