Wet-mix shotcrete machine series

Stable performance, less wearing parts and low maintenance cost.

Dry/Wet-mix Shotcrete Machine GSP-D

Dry/Wet-mix Shotcrete Machine

is a dry and wet shotcrete machine, which makes up for the shortcomings of only dry spraying or only wet spraying, and can meet the spraying needs of more customers.
  • Production capacity: 7m³ /h
  • Inner diameter of delivery pipe: Φ57 mm
  • Maximum delivery distance: Horizontal: 30m Vertical: 20m
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Hydraulic wet shotcrete machine

is using the thrust of the hydraulic pump to make the two cylinder reciprocating, the dense flow material will be sent to the mixing pipe by conveying pipe, it becomes thin flow by compressed air, then through the pipe to the nozzle. Add a certain proportion of the accelerator to the nozzle then spray directly to the surface.
  • Production capacity :3-9m³ /h
  • Working wind pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa
  • System pressure:22MPa
  • Maximum diameter of aggregate: 15mm
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Diesel shotcrete pump P20D

Diesel shotcrete pump

is a kind of mechanical equipment that can be both shotcrete and grouting. Widely used in houses construction, highways, railways, tunnels, hydropower stations and other projects are under construction.
  • Production capacity: 7m³ /h
  • System pressure:22MPa
  • Working wind pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa
  • Maximum diameter of aggregate: 15mm(shotcrete)/30mm
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Hydraulic wet shotcrete machine

SPB9-T wet shotcrete machine uses the thrust generated by the hydraulic pump to make the two oil cylinders reciprocate alternately, and the dense flow material is sent from the conveying pipeline to the mixed flow pipe, and the compressed air forms a thin flow through the pipeline to the nozzle.
  • Production capacity :3-9m³ /h
  • Max.aggregate size: 15mm
  • Required air pressure: 0.4~0.6MPa
  • Max.conveying distance: 125m/50m
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Product Features

  • Stable performance

    Stable performance, less wearing parts and low maintenance cost.

  • Continuous spraying with less pulse

    Continuous spraying with less pulse.

  • Throughput can be adjusted as needed

    Throughput can be adjusted as needed (Switching time 16 times/min).

  • Adjustable accelerator

    The amount of accelerator added is steplessly adjustable.

  • PLC centralized control

    The electrical appliance adopts PLC centralized control, reliable work, long life, easy operation.

  • Wire handle control

    Wire handle control makes the operation easier.

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