The working principle and product advantages of Gengli GYP-90C tunnel wet shotcrete machine

Gengli wet shotcrete machine is mainly hydraulic pumping. According to the different shotcrete volume and customer's own needs, the wet shotcrete machine model is also different. The shotcrete volume ranges from 7 cubic meters to 30 cubic meters, and is widely used in highways and railways. , Tunnels, hydropower stations and other construction. Today we will mainly talk about the 7 cubic GYP-90C hydraulic shotcrete spray machine which is popular with Gengli Machinery.

The GYP-90C hydraulic wet shotcrete machine uses the thrust generated by the hydraulic pump to alternately transport two oil cylinders back and forth. The dense flow material is sent from the conveying pipe to the mixed flow pipe. The compressed air forms a thin stream and is sent to the nozzle through the pipe. A certain proportion of quick-setting agent is added to the nizzle and shotcrete directly on the spray surface. The GYP-90C hydraulic wet shotcrete machine has a reasonable structure and consists of the following 8 parts: the cylinder working cylinder pushing part, the switching cylinder distribution valve part, the mixing part, the frame part, the lubricating part, the hydraulic part, the electrical part and the conveying part.
The equipment has high technical content, and the specific product advantages are as follows:
1. The machine has stable performance, few wearing parts and low maintenance and use cost
2. The machine adopts S-type distribution valve to make the two working cylinders alternately communicate with the conveying pipe, thereby outputting concrete and avoiding pipe blockage.
3. Synchronous lubrication pump is used to automatically lubricate key parts with high pressure and sufficient lubrication
4. Hydraulic pumping shotcrete, small shotcrete pulsation, good continuity, and high working efficiency
5. The circuit adopts programmable industrial controller for centralized control, reliable work, long life, programmed work, simple operation
6. The amount of accelerator added is steplessly adjustable
When the equipment is shipped, it is equipped with a detailed manual operation book. Please follow the operating instructions and precautions to control the equipment.