The difference and advantages of dry shotcrete machine and wet shotcrete machine

Dry shotcrete machine is a method of mixing cement, sand and stones in a dry state, and then sending the material to the nozzle with compressed air, and spraying after mixing with water. This method must be operated by skilled workers, the aggregate size should not be too large, and the amount of cement should not be large. However, because of the fast spraying speed, the dust pollution and rebound are more serious, so it is limited in use.

Advantages of dry concrete shotcrete machine:

  1. The air volume can be controlled in time to ensure the continuity of materials and additives

  2. The feed inlet is enlarged, the processing volume per unit time is large, and the output is also increased

  3. Equipped with a polymer elastic material chamber, which eliminates the adhesion and blockage of the machine and improves the construction efficiency

  4. The wearing parts have a long replacement cycle and are made of special materials to make them highly wear-resistant

  5. The whole machine has good sealing performance, strong performance, high construction efficiency and long working hours

  6. Simple operation, convenient maintenance, short downtime

The wet shotcrete machine sends the mixed concrete to the spray nozzle through the conveying pump, and adds compressed air to the outlet of the conveying pump, so that the material and air can be fully integrated in the pipeline, so that the sprayed material is more uniform. And add the accelerator at the nozzle, so that the material can quickly solidify and reduce the rebound rate. And the combination of materials is easy to control, and the work efficiency is higher than that of dry spray.

Advantages of wet concrete shotcrete machine:

  1. To a certain extent, the dust around the machine is reduced, the harm to the health of workers is reduced, and the working environment is improved

  2. Wet spraying machine has higher working efficiency and faster construction speed than dry spraying machine

  3. The rebound rate is low, which can be less than 10%

  4. During wet spraying, since the water-cement ratio is easy to control and the degree of coagulation hydration is high, it can greatly improve the quality of the concrete, improve the uniformity of the concrete, and have a good spraying effect

  5. The wet spraying machine has few operators, simple operation and convenient use

The purchase of wet concrete shotcrete machine and dry shotcrete machine depends on the construction situation. Only a suitable shotcrete machine can achieve good construction results and improve work efficiency. The concrete shotcrete machine can be widely used in the anchoring and spraying support of railway (highway) tunnels, mines and underground engineering, especially its wet spraying and dry spraying functions, so that you can choose according to the construction requirements to obtain the desired effect



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