Plc centralized control,reliable work,long life,working procedures, simple operation.
Few wearing parts, low maintenance and use of finished products.
The delivery volume can be adjusted as required.
The amount of accelerator added is steplessly adjustable.


Plc centralized control,reliable work,long life,working procedures, simple operation.
Grouting can be carried out by replacing the discharge port and screen.
The delivery volume can be adjusted as required.
High manganese steel casting one-piece nozzle.

Product Parameter

Item P20D P20 Item P20D P20
Production capacity 3~22m³/h 3~20m³/h Outlet pressure of concrete 8MPa 7.5MPa
System pressure 22MPa 22MPa Main motor power 42kW 37kW
Cylinder bore×stroke 140mm×800mm 140mm×800mm Hopper volume 0.3 m³ 0.3 m³
Working wind pressure 0.4~0.6MPa 0.4~0.6MPa Feeding height 1000 mm 1000 mm
Maximum aggregate diameter 15mm(shotcrete) / 30mm(grouting) 15mm(shotcrete) / 30mm(grouting) Distribution valve of concrete S tube valve S tube valve
Lubrication system Manual+auto Manual+auto Slump of concrete 120mm~180mm 120mm~180mm
Fuel tank volume 142L 142L Cooling way of hydraulic oil Air cooling Air cooling
Dust around the machine <6mg/m³ <6mg/m³ Resilient rate ≤10% ≤10%
Machine weight 2400 kg 2300 kg Dimension 3250×1550×1600 mm 3250×1550×1600 mm

Concrete conveying pump

  • 01


    The machine is equipped with imported oil pump, with stable equipment performance and sufficient power.

  • 03

    PLC centralized control

    The electrical appliances adopt PLC centralized control,which is reliable in work, long in life, and easy to program and operate.

  • 02

    High construction efficiency

    The maximum concrete delivery volume is 40m³/h, and the construction concrete delivery volume can be steplessly adjusted as required.

  • 04

    Special machine hopper

    Use mold to press the hopper, not easy to accumulate material, good material absorption.

Concrete delivery volume 40m³/h Concrete outlet pressure 10MPa
Pumping distance vertical/horizontal 100/300m Engine power 62KW
Diameter of discharge port Φ125mm Hopper volume 0.4m³
Maximum aggregate diameter 10~35mm Loading height 1100mm
Lubrication system automatic Concrete distribution valve S pipe valve
Fuel tank capacity 180L Concrete slump 120~180mm
Total Weight 2350kg Dimensions 3750×1550×1700mm

Truck-mounted concrete pump

  • Wheeled chassis
  • Self-propelled wheeled chassis with strong mobility, convenient transition and flexible movement.
  • High automation,easy operation
  • Electrical appliances are centralized control by PLC with reliable performance, long life, programmed working and easy operation.
  • Stable equipment performance
  • Machine has stable performance, less wearing parts, good continuity and low maintenance cost.
  • Equipped with high pressure cleaning system
  • The use of high-pressure cleaning system makes construction easier.
  • High pumping pressure,
    greatly improved working efficiency
  • Pumping 60m³ per hour to meet construction requirements and improve working efficiency.

Product Parameter

Parameters of the Whole Machine Weight 9500kg Minimum climbing clearance 300mm
Dimension(L*W*H) 7300x2160x2570mm Wheelbase 4000mm
Engine power 76kW Maximum speed 25Km/h
Motor Power 75kW Maximum climbing ability 30%(16.7°)
Pumping System Pumping displacement 60m³/h Main pump displacement 190ml/r
Pump cylinder bore Φ230mm Fuel tank capacity 400L
Pumping stroke 1400mm System pressure 32MPa
Conveying pipe diameter Φ180-Φ125 variable diametermm Main cylinder bore 140mm
Concrete outlet pressure 8MPa Main cylinder rod diameter 80mm
Hopper capacity 0.6m³

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  • 26 years of R&D experience
  • Focus on equipment research and development for 26 years, have a professional equipment R&D team, continue to innovate and create patented products.
  • Production capacity
  • With a modern production plant area of 60000㎡, it has strong independent innovation and R&D capabilities. Product design capabilities and manufacturing levels are in the forefront of the domestic industry.
  • Complete qualifications
  • Possess a number of invention patents, obtains ISO9001 quality management system certification, and equipment quality is safe and reliable.
  • Attentive service
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